“For Everything There is a Season: The Facts about Pre-Funding…”

When making funeral arrangements we ask if you would like to pre-fund your funeral arrangements.  It makes sense for many people who want to make sure there are enough funds to take care of final arrangements without leaving the burden to their family.

Usually pre-financed funeral plans are funded with an insurance vehicle.  It is irrevocable.  That means it cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be cashed in.  The beneficiary is our funeral home.  Only when the person dies does the funeral home have access to the insurance money.  That also means that if you go to a nursing home and run out of money, those funds cannot be redirected to help pay for nursing home care.

Even though the proceeds cannot be used for any other purpose, the beneficiary can be changed to another funeral home at any time before the death.

“For Everything There is a Season: Advance Planning…”

Planning your funeral service in advance can offer emotional security for you and your family.  You will feel a sense of relief and your family will appreciate it.

A funeral is a celebration of a life and most families want the final celebration to be very special and that takes planning.  If you don’t plan ahead it is a very hectic few days for your family who is trying to plan a meaningful celebration of your life in a short period of time.  If planning is done in advance, there is more time to contemplate the personal touches one may want to incorporate into the funeral such as favorite music, hobbies, life’s accomplishments and especially conveying close family relationships.

Carolyn Elder, our Pre-need Counselor will guide you through the process of making funeral arrangements in advance.  Let your family know where your pre-arrangements can be found or better yet, give them a copy.

“For Everything There is a Season: Easter…”

Next Sunday, Christians all over the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  They will honor the day Christ triumphed over death and brought the promise of new life.  This is the most important day of the year to Christians.  This day focuses on what Christianity is all about.

Everything about Easter suggests new life.  It occurs in the early spring when the grass begins to green, the trees begin to bud, and nature begins to unfold in all its glory.

In our profession, we are reminded all year long of the promise of Easter.  Christians believe in life after death and families are comforted because of their belief in the promise of new life.  For these families, the funeral service is not only a time to say good-bye and be comforted by family and friends, it is also a time to celebrate the eternal life of their loved one.

This Easter we wish you and your family a joyous day.

“For Everything There is a Season: A New Chapter…”

Last week I reminisced about the beginning of our family funeral home and reveled in the fact we are still a family funeral home and in the same family.  Well, our family funeral home is growing.  This month we are starting a new chapter in the Dengel & Son Mortuary story.  We are expanding.  I purchased the funeral homes in Paola, Osawatomie, and Louisburg from Penwell-Gable.

It was a big step for me but I have a wonderful staff here and I would have not taken this step if I thought it would hurt the service you are accustomed to receiving at Dengel & Son Mortuary.  My staff has been giving their best for so many years they would not know how to do anything other.  The present staff of the three funeral homes is staying intact, so I don’t anticipate missing much time here.

This will always be my home and the family funeral home that was started by my Grandfather will always remain first in my heart.

“For Everything There is a Season: Longevity…”

The older I get, the more I appreciate that my grandfather, Louis Dengel, chose to move his wife, Vada, and his two children, Walter and Naomi, to Ottawa, Kansas.  That was in 1944.  A couple of years later “Louie” bought the McVey Funeral Home.

My dad, Walter, joined his father in business in 1961.  At that time the name was changed to Dengel & Son Mortuary.  The name still fit when I joined my dad in business in 1982.  I took over the helm in 1998.  Who would have thought our funeral home would remain in the same family, in the same building, for all those years?  We are the exception.  Many of the family owned funeral homes were bought by national corporations.

We are proud of our hometown.  I was raised here, went to school here, got married here and had a family here.  And, I will probably die here.  We will always be here to offer the personal service only a locally owned family funeral home can offer.

“For Everything There is a Season: Special Considerations…”

Many widows and widowers are finding happiness in second marriages.  We are happy for each and every one of you.  But, we want to advise you to be pro-active and consider making funeral arrangements in advance.

When you are in a second marriage, you would be doing everyone a favor if your children and your spouse’s children knew in advance just what to expect in the event of your death.

The surviving spouse, as the next of kin, has the legal right to make the funeral arrangements.  Emotions run high and the children may disagree with the burial site or funeral plans.  Things could be blown out of proportion.  You can avoid hurt feelings if the children are included when making final arrangements.  It is helpful to discuss with your children what your wishes are, listen to their ideas and concerns, and if you come to an agreement before the fact, your funeral can truly be a celebration of life.

“For Everything There is a Season: A Fitting Tribute…”

Memorial Day will be here before you know it.  When the day comes, many of you will regret not getting the monument you have been planning to get but just haven’t done yet.  We know there are hard decisions to make.  You want to get it just right—it is carved in stone!

We view a monument as a way of saying this particular person existed, was loved and made a difference.  It is also a permanent way to record history for future generations.  You can choose to have the date of marriage and the names of children inscribed.  You can personalize a stone with a graphic depicting life’s work or favorite pastime.  What would you like for future generations to know about you?

We sell quality monuments and we custom pour each base on location, utilizing special stabilizing techniques.  Our work is guaranteed.  It is just as important to us as it is to you that the monuments we sell remain level and stable.