“For Everything There is a Season…”

A Living Memorial

In 1976 Batesville Casket Company developed a program that provides for the planting of a tree in a national forest as a tribute to the deceased at no cost to the family every time a Batesville casket or urn is used.

Dengel & Son is happy to participate in this program. It helps the environment and we know from experience families feel good about this program, it gives them a sense that their loved one’s memory lives on in a beautiful way. We estimate more than 5,000 of the request for trees planted have originated at Dengel & Son Mortuary. We really like the “tree program” but the main reason we offer Batesville caskets exclusively is because of the quality and beauty of their merchandise. In the past we have sold other lines of caskets and have learned from experience that Batesville is the very best. The quality shines through in all their caskets from inexpensive to the top of the line.


“For Everything There is a Season…”

Independence Day

This has been a tough year for everyone, and we probably will not celebrate the Fourth of July as usual because of the corona virus. But we will celebrate this important day because it is a celebration of freedom, patriotism, and the unassailable rights our founders fought a war to protect.

Only history will tell us if our government bodies, local, state, and federal, made the right decisions restricting our rights for what they thought was for the greater good. We are not used to having our rights taken away from us; the right to move freely, the right to earn a living and the right to go to church. It makes us appreciate our rights all the more.

The American Flag is very much a part of this holiday; it is a symbol of our freedom and it deserves our honor and respect. The vast majority of Americans want justice and opportunity for all. So take heart, the flag not only stands for freedom, it stands for hope.

“For Everything There is a Season…”

Burial Receptacles

Today, most cemeteries require the use of a vault or grave liner.  This is to ensure the burial receptacle will support the weight of the earth.  This prevents unsightly sunken graves that used to be the earmark of most cemeteries.

The grave liner is a two-piece concrete or metal box that satisfies the receptacle requirement of cemeteries.  If greater protection is preferred, the family may choose a vault.  There are two different types of vaults, concrete or steel, either is a good choice.  The concrete vault is sealed by a different method than the steel vault but both methods are very effective and protect the contents from outside elements.  The steel vaults come in gauges, 8, 10, and 12. You have a choice of different steel and concrete vaults and boxes from which to choose.  We offer quality Wilbert concrete vaults and Clark steel vaults that are nationally known as leaders in the industry

“For Everything There is a Season…” Memorial Day

Next Monday people across the nation will honor deceased loved ones in observance of Memorial Day.  Multitudes of people will visit cemeteries to place flowers on graves.

One of the first Decoration Day celebrations (as it was called then) took place on May 1st, 1865 in Charleston, South Carolina.  The Civil War was just over and a group of freed slaves who were a part of the U.S. Colored Troops gathered to bury bodies of union soldiers.  People sang hymns and placed flowers on fallen fighter’s graves.  From then to now, the national holiday to honor our defenders has expanded to include all fallen soldiers from every war.  It is also a time for us to remember all our loved ones who have gone before us.

“For Everything There is a Season…” An Ice Breaker

Have you felt the need to talk with your aging parents about their finances and final wishes?  It is a hard subject to bring up.  Truth be known, your parents would probably like to bring up the subject with you.  We have something to help you break the ice.

We have a booklet called “How to Talk to Your Parents about Their Money and Final Wishes”.  It is an easy-to-read booklet that provides practical and proven tips on how to hold conversations about end-of-life issues.

Memorial Day will soon be here, and it is a reminder that this is a discussion you will have with your parents or your siblings sooner or later.  If you do it in advance of need, the parents and all the children should be included if possible.  Please give everyone a “heads up” so everyone has time to mull it over.  In our experience when talking to aging parents, they seem comfortable discussing the future and how they want it handled.

“For Everything There is a Season…” Funeral Clothing

In most cases the clothing used in life by the deceased is the clothing chosen for his or her funeral.

Very often a man is dressed in a suit and tie, however, if the deceased was not accustomed to wearing a suit, the family may prefer him to be dressed in a more casual or in a more familiar way.  There is nothing wrong with bib overalls if that was his favorite mode of dress.

When choosing clothing for a woman, her favorite dress or pantsuit in her favorite color would be a good choice.  Also, something to consider when choosing clothing, is the color of the interior of the casket.  A high neckline and long sleeves usually present an attractive appearance.  If jewelry was a part of the deceased’s regular attire, then it should be worn.  It can be removed before the burial, if desired.  There is no right or wrong choices when deciding on funeral clothing, it is only the family’s preferences that matter.

“For Everything There is a Season…” The Virus and Innovation

The coronavirus has forced most of us to look at things differently, to throw out old habits and change our way of doing things.  It certainly has us asking ourselves how we can be innovative and help our families celebrate a life and at the same time help the survivors accept that death has occurred.

Many families are choosing graveside services now and planning a regular funeral at a later date when family, friends and neighbors can attend.  To make that funeral seem more normal and if the family wishes, we will place a casket in the usual location.  Yes, we all know the body will not be present because the body has already been buried but visual effects are important.  Just as a church service feels more real when held in a church rather than a bare room, this visual effect will make the funeral held at a later date seem more real.

Innovation is called for in times like these and we are up to the challenge.

“For Everything There is a Season…” Virus Calls for Flexibility

The coronavirus has called upon everyone to adjust at times and we are no exception.

Flowers are present at all celebrations, so it is normal for flowers to be present at funerals.  A funeral is a celebration of life.  But these are not normal times.  All the local florists are closed because of the virus, so floral pieces are difficult to send as an expression of sympathy.

There is an alternative.  On our website you can choose to order a tree to be planted in memory of the deceased.  The American Forest Association determines where the tree will be planted.  Each memorial tree includes a certificate that recognizes your purchase and your name will be listed on your loved one’s tribute wall.  It is easy to order.  On our website click on the obituary of the individual you want to honor, then click on Tribute Store and the information about the memorial tree will appear.  Just follow the prompts from there.

“For Everything There is a Season…” More on the Virus

Today, we would like to address some questions about the coronavirus.  There is a misconception that cremation is the only choice when a death occurs during this crisis.  That is not true, it is a choice but not the only choice.

You can choose a traditional funeral service with the body present.  The only restriction is who and how many people attend.  Usually that means private services with only the family.  Families need a formal celebration of life at the time of death so that the mind has proof that death has occurred.  We need tangible evidence that one chapter is finished and another one has begun to begin the healing process.  An additional Celebration of Life for friends and neighbors is usually scheduled for a later date.

Next Sunday we will celebrate Easter, the day Christ brought us the promise of new life.  It is a good day to remind us to stay positive and have faith that this crisis will pass.

“For Everything There is a Season…” Regarding the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down and as a result we need to address the need to keep the families we serve safe as well as our employees.

We will be here 24/7 to take care of necessary business.  If a death occurs, we will respond as we always have.  We may have to follow some new safety guidelines but will do so with as much care and respect as possible.  Even though we have temporary regulations regarding funeral services we can be innovative in times like this to provide the service your loved one deserves.  We will be in our office to take care of our client’s needs.  We only ask that you call to make an appointment first or possibly let our staff help you by telephone or email. 

All of us at Dengel & Son want to thank you for entrusting us with caring for your loved one.  We are committed to doing our part to support our clients and our community with our services.