“For Everything There is a Season: Family Owned…”

We are a family owned funeral home, the only one in town.  I say that with pride.  We chose not to sell to a big corporation when they were buying up every funeral home in sight.  The demise of many family owned funeral homes ended an era where personal care of friends and neighbors was the benchmark of the family owned funeral homes.

My grandfather, Louis Dengel, brought his family to Ottawa in 44’ and operated a funeral home at 317 S. Walnut.  In 1947, Grandpa bought an existing funeral home from Floyd McVey and moved to our present building at 235 S. Hickory.  In 1961, my dad, Walter joined the business and it became Dengel & Son Mortuary.  The name was still appropriate in 1983 when I became the third generation to join the family business.  In 1998 I bought the family funeral home when my dad retired.

We are proud to be one of the few family owned funeral homes where personal care is a tradition.

“For Everything There is a Season: A Living Memorial…”

In 1976 Batesville Casket Company developed a program that provides for the planting of a tree in a national forest as a tribute to the deceased at no cost to the family every time a Batesville casket or urn is used.

Dengel & Son is happy to participate in this program.  It helps the environment and we know from experience families feel good about this program, it gives them a sense that their loved one’s memory lives on in a beautiful way.  We estimate more than 5,000 of the request for trees planted have originated at Dengel & Son Mortuary.

We really like the “tree program” but the main reason we offer Batesville caskets exclusively is because of the quality and beauty of their merchandise.  In the past we have sold other lines of caskets and have learned from experience that Batesville is the very best.  The quality shines through in all their caskets from inexpensive to the top of the line.


“For Everything There is a Season: Making It Personal…”

We are pleased to offer the families we serve many ways to personalize a funeral service.  Photographs certainly add to the celebration by bringing personal memories to life.  We offer two ways to display photographs.  One is high tech and one is old fashioned.

So that everyone can enjoy seeing pictures at the funeral or visitation, we have a large retractable screen in the chapel and closed circuit television in the adjoining rooms to show a videotape of photographs.  The family can put together their own video or we can have it done for you.  You can choose a favorite musical selection for background music.

We also have a very convenient and attractive way to display snapshots and photos.  It consists of a large frame and easel with a board to easily position photos and a system to hold them in place.  Four sets are available so even the largest collection of photographs can be displayed.

“For Everything There is a Season: Can I Move It…”

A question we hear frequently is, “Can we move our funeral plan from another funeral home to Dengel & Son Mortuary?”  The answer is, “Of course you can and it doesn’t matter if it is a pre-financed funeral plan or one that is not.”

Kansas lawmakers used common sense when they set up the regulations for moving funeral plans from one funeral home to another.  They recognized the fact that circumstances change, people marry, they move or they just plain change their minds as to whom they want to handle their final arrangements.  They made sure funeral plans could be moved without a hassle.

Pre-funded plans can be moved without any penalty.  If you want to move your funeral plan to our funeral home, it is so simple, nothing to stress about.  Just come in and give us the details and we will handle everything for you.  We promise you will not regret your decision to choose Dengel & Son Mortuary.

“For Everything There is a Season: Accessibility…”

When choosing a funeral home, consider friends and family with physical impairments.  A funeral is an important event and no one should miss one because of disabilities.

When our building was built in 1930 little thought was given to making it accessible to everyone.  Twenty-six years ago we made major improvements to our funeral home with two goals in mind.  We wanted more room so we enlarged our chapel area by adding a new addition.  The other goal was to make our building handicapped accessible.

We installed a ramp on the front of the building.  Inside, in a convenient location, we installed a restroom that will easily accommodate a wheelchair.  By raising the drive we removed all of the steps on the north side of the building and installed a spacious new canopy.  There are no longer steps to the family room entrance or steps for the pallbearers when they are carrying the casket to the hearse.

“For Everything There is a Season: Changing Attitudes…”

Attitudes have changed.  People have always been concerned about what would happen to their families when they die but now they are doing something about it.

More families are considering pre-planning and putting aside money for final expenses.  Bookstores are filled with books telling you how to pass your estate on to your heirs and having a “living trust” is as common as having a will.  It is part of a new attitude people have about facing the inevitable and taking care of things while they are healthy and of sound mind.  Just as buying life insurance does not hasten death neither does making funeral pre-arrangements.

Many people think it is a good idea to make funeral pre-arrangements but just don’t get around to doing it.  When they finally do make the arrangements, they feel a sense of relief.  Their family will be grateful and relieved too.  You have taken a burden off their shoulders.

“For Everything There is a Season: Knowledge…”

A new experience can sometimes be unsettling and fill you with apprehension.  If that new experience involves making “at need” funeral arrangements, the apprehension can be magnified because not only are you dealing with a new experience, you are dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one.  It is always better to be prepared.  Of course, funeral pre-arrangements would make a big difference but in real life we sometimes have to deal with a situation that is what it is.

At some point in your life you will probably be involved in making funeral arrangements.  Knowing exactly what to expect and being familiar with the surroundings and procedures can significantly allay apprehension.

You are always welcome to tour our funeral home.  We will be glad to answer your questions and explain everything that is involved in making funeral arrangements.  Let us know when a tour would be convenient for you, or take our virtual tour at https://goo.gl/maps/S788Ccde9Zm