“For Everything There is a Season: A Grieving Heart…”

Losing a loved one is a heart-wrenching experience.  Many survivors struggle with their emotions.  Sometimes it helps if survivors understand the basic elements of grief and learn skills that will help them heal, move forward and get on with their lives.  We certainly don’t know everything about grief but because of what we do, we do see some of the things that could help.

One thing we know for sure is that there is no correct way to face the loss of a loved one.  We are all different and the things that help some may not help another.  But bereavement counselors have found that survivors experience many of the same emotions.  It helps to recognize these feelings and know they are very normal.

These emotions may include disbelief, shock, numbness, denial, sadness, anxiety, guilt, depression, loneliness and frustration.  Most survivors feel some or all of these emotions to different degrees.



“For Everything There is a Season: Attending a Funeral…”

To help make you feel comfortable, we want to let you know what to expect when you attend a funeral service or family visitation at our funeral homes.

When you enter the funeral home, you will be asked to sign the register and you will be given a memorial folder.  There will be envelopes available if you would like to make a memorial donation.  Many times, the family has photos and memorabilia on display in the foyer for you to view.

Our custom, unless the family wishes otherwise, is to have the casket open before the service.  When you enter the chapel, you will have an opportunity to step to the casket and view the deceased.  Many people view, others prefer not to.  It’s your choice.

Many times, the casket is closed during the service and it is reopened for the family after the service so they can say their last goodbyes before going to the cemetery.  All customs are contingent upon the family’s wishes.



“For Everything There is a Season: Independence Day…”

We are celebrating Independence Day this week with fireworks, backyard picnics and family get-to-gathers.  It is a fun celebration for everyone except for dogs and children who can’t handle noise from fireworks.

We all appreciate the fact we are lucky enough to live in a country where we are truly free.  We are grateful to our forefathers who were wise enough to write a constitution that served as a recipe for the greatest country in the world.  We are especially grateful to all the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces to protect our freedoms.

We shouldn’t take our way of life for granted.  A strong democracy depends upon all of us to pay attention and stay informed.  It is up to us to elect leaders who respect our constitution.  The fate of the nation is in our hands.  Being free to vote for what you believe in, is such a privilege, don’t squander it.  Stay vigilant.


“For Everything There is a Season: Pallbearers…”

If you have ever been asked to participate in the funeral service by serving as a pallbearer, you have received a distinct honor.  Friends, relatives, grandchildren and business associates are often among those chosen to serve as pallbearers.  Usually men are called upon, but it is perfectly acceptable for women to participate in this capacity.  The number of pallbearers is usually six but can be more.

Sometimes, honorary pallbearers are also chosen, not to carry the casket but to walk ahead of the casket in honor of the deceased.

If you have never served as a pallbearer and you are called upon, don’t worry.  We’ll let you know exactly what your duties will be.  Just let us know when you arrive at the funeral home and we will put you at ease.  One bit of practical advice, if it is wet or cold, bring a warm coat and galoshes.  For some reason a cemetery in the winter always seems 10 degrees colder.


“For Everything There is a Season: Monuments…”

Although funeral service is our primary business we also sell monuments at all of our funeral homes in Franklin and Miami County.  Our high standard of service in the monument business is an extension of our high standard of funeral service.

If you are like most people you want a monument that is beautiful and unique.  Our people are very good at listening and they are creative enough to help you design a stone that maybe you could only see in your mind’s eye but didn’t know quite how to put it together.  We can help you.  If you can dream it, we can get it done.

On the practical side, no one sets stones better than we do.  We pour the foundation with a substantial amount of concrete with stabilizing piers.  A good foundation is paramount to us.  Dengel & Son Mortuary has been in business for 70 years and the 4th generation has just joined the business.  We’ll be here to back our guarantee.


“For Everything There is a Season: Flag Day…”

Flag Day seems to come and go without much attention.  But in our profession, we handle and work with the American flag frequently.  When the funeral is a celebration of a veteran, the flag plays a big part in the ritual.  The flag draped on the casket is an emotional sight and the flag folding and presentation is beautiful and meaningful.  It is only fitting to honor our veterans with the flag.

In 1949, Harry Truman designated June 14th as Flag Day.  It hasn’t been that long ago everyone loved the flag and all that it stood for, today, not so much.

“This flag, which we honor and under which we serve, is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a nation.  It has no other character than that which we give it from generation to generation”.  Woodrow Wilson, 1917

We hope it will be the next generation to renew the long tradition of honoring the American flag, the symbol of our freedom.


“For Everything There is a Season: Meet the 4th Generation, Chase Dengel…”

Cindy and I are so pleased to announce our only son Chase has joined the family business.  His grandparents, Clarice and Walt, the second-generation owners, couldn’t be happier.  Keeping the family funeral home in the same family for four generations is highly unusual and we couldn’t be more proud.

Chase grew up in Ottawa where he was a good student in school and played lots of baseball in the summer and basketball in the winter.  He graduated from Baker University in 2013 where he played college baseball and earned a degree in business.

For the past few years he worked in Kansas City in managerial positions.  When we bought the three additional funeral homes in Miami County we needed him, and he stepped up for us.  He has purchased a home in Louisburg and is anxious to become acquainted with the good people of Miami County.  He has grown up with our quality of service and is looking forward to continuing our family tradition.

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