“For Everything There is a Season: Special Considerations…”

Many widows and widowers are finding happiness in second marriages.  We are happy for each and every one of you.  But, we want to advise you to be pro-active and consider making funeral arrangements in advance.

When you are in a second marriage, you would be doing everyone a favor if your children and your spouse’s children knew in advance just what to expect in the event of your death.

The surviving spouse, as the next of kin, has the legal right to make the funeral arrangements.  Emotions run high and the children may disagree with the burial site or funeral plans.  Things could be blown out of proportion.  You can avoid hurt feelings if the children are included when making final arrangements.  It is helpful to discuss with your children what your wishes are, listen to their ideas and concerns, and if you come to an agreement before the fact, your funeral can truly be a celebration of life.

“For Everything There is a Season: A Fitting Tribute…”

Memorial Day will be here before you know it.  When the day comes, many of you will regret not getting the monument you have been planning to get but just haven’t done yet.  We know there are hard decisions to make.  You want to get it just right—it is carved in stone!

We view a monument as a way of saying this particular person existed, was loved and made a difference.  It is also a permanent way to record history for future generations.  You can choose to have the date of marriage and the names of children inscribed.  You can personalize a stone with a graphic depicting life’s work or favorite pastime.  What would you like for future generations to know about you?

We sell quality monuments and we custom pour each base on location, utilizing special stabilizing techniques.  Our work is guaranteed.  It is just as important to us as it is to you that the monuments we sell remain level and stable.

“For Everything There is a Season: Durable Power of Attorney…”

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were incapacitated because of an accident or an illness?  Who would take care of your affairs until you recover?

A durable power of attorney is a legal document giving power of attorney to whomever you choose if you become incapable of making critical decisions regarding your medical care, well-being and wealth.  It is in effect during the time you are incapacitated.  This might also be a good time to spell out in writing exactly what kind of medical care you want for yourself if you are not expected to recover from an illness or accident.  The person you designate with your power of attorney would want to know as would your family.

We have durable power of attorney forms available.  If you think you should have a signed durable power of attorney, do it now, it is too late if you wait until you need it.  We would be glad to notarize it for you.

“For Everything There is a Season: At Your Service…”

There are times when family members or friends need verification of a death and verification of service time.

We frequently provide a letter to an employer who wants confirmation that their employee is attending a specific funeral so that he or she may be excused from work.  If you let us know in advance that you need a letter of conformation, we will have it ready for you, attesting to the fact of your attendance and give it to you when you come to the funeral service.

We also have a notary on staff.  In this day and age there is so much paperwork connected to everything and if the surviving family has papers that need to be notarized in connection with claiming benefits or anything else, we certainly would accommodate their needs.  We want to help in any way we can, our service does not end when the funeral is over.  Please let us know in advance so that a notary is available when you arrive.

“For Everything There is a Season: What Shall I Say…”

Because it is so difficult for many people to express their sympathy to a family who has suffered a loss, they choose to avoid direct contact with the family.  People often react this way because they just don’t know what to say or they are afraid they will say the wrong thing.  The problem is the family may be hurt by the perception that they don’t care.

Our advice is to do the best you can, the family will understand.  It would be rare that an honest display of sympathy would be misunderstood.  On the other hand, your absence or silence might be.

Expressions of sympathy and offers to help let the bereaved know that you share their grief and care about their sorrow.  If you knew the deceased, recall something you remember about him, his laugh or his smile or a favorite story about him.  If you didn’t know him, just a simple “I’m sorry” and an embrace would be enough to let the family know you care.

“For Everything There is a Season: Attention to Detail…”

In the real estate business it is all about location, location, location.  In the funeral business it is all about detail, detail, detail.

At Dengel & Son Mortuary, we are absolutely fanatical about detail.  Each and every detail is important to us.  Many of the same details are taken care of each time we make funeral arrangements.  But many of the details are unique because each family is unique.  Very often families customize a funeral service to pay tribute to their loved one.  Emotions run high after a death and we recognize the importance of each and every detail.  We only have one chance to get it right and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We learned a long time ago any funeral home can direct a funeral service, what set us apart is that we are pro-active and go above and beyond what families expect.  It is that attention to the little things, the details that make us different.

“For Everything There is a Season: Religious and Organizational Memorials…”

Many times when a family feels a deep religious commitment, they request memorials be made to a particular church, usually to the church the family attends, to help with expenses.  Sometimes a specific project of the church is chosen; perhaps an addition or a beautification of the church or it might be designated to the church youth program.  Most churches have worthy projects from which to choose.

When the deceased has particularly enjoyed a club or organization, the family may request memorials be designated for the benefit of that club.  It is a way for the family to show appreciation for the companionship and friendship the members have given the deceased.

Worthy charitable organizations are also popular choices.  Many times the family chooses an organization that the deceased chose to support during his lifetime.  It makes sense for the family to continue the support after his or her death.