“For Everything There is a Season: Restoration…”

We don’t need a psychiatrist to tell us how important it is for survivors to view the body.  We see evidence of that all the time.  We take very seriously our responsibility of presenting an acceptable image of the deceased for families to view.

In this day and age, our embalmers face special challenges to restore the body so that it can be viewed.  Modern drugs are potent, and embalmers need to know how to negate the effects of those drugs.  To restore the remains of an accident victim, our embalmers will do everything humanly possible to achieve that goal.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes.  They know how important it is for family and friends to be able to view the remains in light of their sudden loss.

Our embalmers continue to seek the latest techniques in embalming and restoration.  We take great pride in our work.  We are skilled and dedicated and the result of our work is a testament to that.



“For Everything There is a Season: Embalming…”

Embalming is necessary to preserve the human remains, primarily for the purpose of viewing and as a health regulation.  The State of Kansas, because of health reasons and legal concerns, regulates the disposition of bodies.

If family chooses and arrangements can be made, the remains may be buried within the district without embalming if it is in a reasonable amount of time and the body is permanently enclosed in a casket.  Embalming is not required for a direct cremation.  If the deceased is to be publicly viewed embalming would be required.

No doubt about it, our embalmers set the standard.  It takes skill, dedication and a reverence of the human body to be a good embalmer.  You can be assured of the fact you will find these qualities in our embalmers at Dengel & Son Mortuary.


“For Everything There is a Season: Facing Reality…”

Most psychiatrists agree that viewing the body has therapeutic value for survivors.  Having the body present gives evidence to the fact that life has ended.

Sometimes it is very difficult for survivors to believe that death has occurred, especially in today’s society where many people die away from home.  The mind wants evidence, viewing the body confirms that.  You have heard the phrase “seeing is believing”.  Sometimes, it is the only thing that works.  Facing that reality is very necessary to begin the grief process.

We take great care in the preparation and restoration of the body, to provide friends and family an acceptable image while at the same time providing a way to confirm the reality of death.  Our embalmers understand how important this aspect of the funeral service is to the families and take great pride in their work.  They will work as long as it takes to achieve good results.


“For Everything There is a Season: Cremation…”

Traditionally, earth burial is the most common mode of final disposition of the body.  Cremation is an alternate method that is becoming more common.

Choosing cremation does not mean the family must forgo the traditional funeral service.  Even though cremation is being chosen more often, it hasn’t changed the fact that humans still have the need for tangible evidence that death has occurred so that the healing process can begin.  The funeral service with the body present does this.  If you choose cremation and feel a funeral with the body present would benefit your family, we offer the option of choosing a rental casket or a cremation casket so that a funeral service with the body present can be held.

We own and operate our own “state of the art” crematory which means your loved one will never leave our care.  Because of that you can be assured the remains will be treated with dignity and respect.


“For Everything There is a Season: Why So Many Questions?…”

Making funeral arrangements at the time of death is a trying experience for anyone.  Much of the time making funeral arrangements is spent answering questions.  Facts for the death certificate are needed, important dates as well as personal history.  The information needs to be accurate.  At a time like this it is hard to recall the needed information.

If you do not want to make formal funeral arrangements but do want to make it easier for your family when the time comes, it would be helpful if you would write a brief history of yourself.  Describe your childhood, your family life, your work, memberships and achievements.  Include the date of your birth and date of your marriage.  Were you a veteran?  The list goes on.

If it would help, stop by one of our funeral homes and we will give you a form with all the pertinent questions.  Be sure to give each family member a copy of the information.


“For Everything There is a Season: Planning a Funeral Service…”

The funeral service is a celebration of the life of a loved one.  Because each person is different, each funeral service is different.  We encourage families to add personal touches to the services that will bring to life the story of a person they loved.

A display of items of a favorite pastime or hobby tells a lot about a person.  Pictures are always a good way of telling a life’s story.  Special music can touch one’s heart.  We will provide a nice place to place memorabilia and a frame to display pictures.

You have a choice.  You may choose a traditional service that observes the customs of your locality or you may decide upon a totally non-conventional service or one that is somewhere in between.  What is important is to plan a service that is meaningful to the family and reflects the lifestyle and accomplishments of the deceased.  Our job is to assist you, offer advice and carry out your wishes.


“For Everything There is a Season: Selecting a Funeral Director…”

Reputation is one of the best criteria for selecting a funeral director and it is good foresight to make the choice before the need arises.  The quality of service to other families can be a good guideline for what you can expect.  Ask friends and relatives about their experiences with funeral directors.

Our staff never loses sight of the fact that caring and understanding are paramount.  We want to anticipate the family’s every need.  This is a very personal business and we get personally involved.  We treat each family as we would want to be treated.

We are not a big corporation; we are family owned.  We share the values with the people in this part of the country and we are proud of our reputation and the services we provide.  But as my grandfather would say, “Don’t rest on your laurels.”  Rest assured, we won’t, we will always strive to improve and provide the very best in funeral service.