“For Everything There is a Season…” More Questions & Answers

QUESTION:  What are the advantages of planning for a funeral in advance of need?

ANSWER:  We can see a huge difference in families who are starting from scratch making funeral arrangements when a death occurs and those families where the funeral has been pre-planned.  One family is stressed with gathering information and hurried decisions.  The other family has time to grieve and to console each other.

QUESTION:  If I fund my funeral in advance, can I change my mind on the choices I have made?

ANSWER:  Yes, anytime you want.  You can change your selections as many times as you wish.  Keep in mind, when you make changes in the plan, the cost could go up or down, depending upon the changes you make.  Circumstances change and you can even change funeral homes if you wish.  You can change to our funeral home from another funeral home or from our funeral home to another, either way we will help you do it.

“For Everything There is a Season…” More Questions & Answers

QUESTION:  For years I have been saving my money in a savings account that is set aside for my funeral.  Do you think this is a good idea?

ANSWER:  It is very thoughtful of you to set aside money for your final expenses.  However, you might want to consider funding your funeral through an insurance policy.  A savings account could be depleted by health care costs that have gone sky high.  If you need to go to a nursing home, it doesn’t take long for your life savings to be gone.  If you set aside money in an insurance policy for your funeral expenses and fall on hard times, you can still qualify for government assistance because your funeral insurance is irrevocable, it can’t be spent for anything else except final expenses and that can even include a monument. 

If there is even a possibility nursing home care is in your future, now is the time to fund your funeral cost with an irrevocable funeral insurance policy.

“For Everything There is a Season…” More Questions & Answers

QUESTION:  I already own a life insurance policy.  Is it a good idea to use this to pay for my funeral when needed?

ANSWER:  What we sometimes see happen is life insurance that was intended to serve as income for the survivors, ends up covering the cost of the final arrangements.  By funding ahead, using coverage specifically for funeral arrangements, you can make sure life insurance money will be used for what it was intended, making life easier for your loved ones when you are gone.

QUESTION:  Isn’t funeral planning just for older folks?

ANSWER:  We wish that were true, but no one knows what life has in store for us and it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead no matter what your age.  Planning ahead for something inevitable isn’t going to make it happen sooner no more than having house insurance will hasten a house fire.  Most of us just want to make things easier for our families and planning ahead helps.

“For Everything There is a Season…” More Questions & Answers

QUESTION:  I would like to arrange my funeral in advance.  Shall I just do it or talk to my family before making any decisions?

ANSWER:  It is entirely up to you, but many people tell us that a family discussion helps ensure that everyone is comfortable with the arrangements being made.  Hard feelings can be avoided if the spouse and all the children are included in the discussions especially in this day and age when there are many blended families.

QUESTION:  Is planning and paying for my funeral in advance expensive?

ANSWER:  No.  It doesn’t cost more to pay for your funeral in advance.  The cost depends upon what you choose.  Many people use an irrevocable insurance vehicle to fund their funerals in advance.  The money can only be used for end of life expenses.  The advantage is that you choose what you want and how much you want to spend and save your family the worry of how to pay for your funeral.

For Everything There is a Season…” Questions and Answers

QUESTION:  Should I find out how my parents feel about their funerals?  I want to encourage them to plan ahead, but I am not sure I should approach them on the subject.

ANSWER:  Most of us feel comfortable talking with our parents about health care and retirement plans but talking about funeral planning doesn’t come easily.  It is far better to talk about funerals now, while you can plan together and while your parents still have their health.  Chances are they are thinking about it but didn’t know how to approach the subject with you.  Encourage them to share what they want included in their funerals.

If you would like, our pre-need counselor, Carolyn Elder would be glad to help you with what you need to know before you talk to your parents.  There is absolutely no obligation to make formal arrangements.  Carolyn would be glad to visit with you.

“For Everything There is a Season…” Grief Stages

People experiencing a loss often experience some of the same feelings as other survivors.  Just knowing that helps.  One of the first reactions is usually shock and denial.  There may be periods of crying and depression.  There are feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Loneliness and anxiety can create great emotional pain and sometimes even cause physical pain.  It is not unusual to encounter a feeling of panic.

Almost everyone goes through periods of feeling guilty; thinking of things they wish they had done or had done differently.  It is not unusual to look for someone to blame, someone who seemingly could have prevented the death, perhaps the doctor or even God.

It helps the survivor to know that all these feelings are normal, you are not losing it and with the help of family and friends, in time, healing begins, and life takes on a new meaning.  Have faith, with time, things will get better. 

“For Everything There is a Season…” The Crematory

Many funeral homes advertise they offer crematory service and they do.  The difference between our crematory service and theirs is that we own and operate our own crematory that is on our premises in Ottawa and they depend upon the integrity of out of town crematories.

Many of you know we installed a state-of-the-art crematory a few years ago.  Our crematory is kind to the environment and has virtually no emissions.

The families we serve like the idea that we have control of the final arrangements…from start to finish.  We don’t rely upon anyone else to do the job right.  Our funeral directors are all certified to cremate, and every aspect of the cremation process is done in a precise manner.  We have a viewing room to give families the opportunity to see the beginning of the process if they choose.  Whether you are present or not, our cremations are always done with dignity and respect.