“For Everything There is a Season…” Funeral Clothing

In most cases the clothing used in life by the deceased is the clothing chosen for his or her funeral.

Very often a man is dressed in a suit and tie, however, if the deceased was not accustomed to wearing a suit, the family may prefer him to be dressed in a more casual or in a more familiar way.  There is nothing wrong with bib overalls if that was his favorite mode of dress.

When choosing clothing for a woman, her favorite dress or pantsuit in her favorite color would be a good choice.  Also, something to consider when choosing clothing, is the color of the interior of the casket.  A high neckline and long sleeves usually present an attractive appearance.  If jewelry was a part of the deceased’s regular attire, then it should be worn.  It can be removed before the burial, if desired.  There is no right or wrong choices when deciding on funeral clothing, it is only the family’s preferences that matter.


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