“For Everything There is a Season…”

A Living Memorial

In 1976 Batesville Casket Company developed a program that provides for the planting of a tree in a national forest as a tribute to the deceased at no cost to the family every time a Batesville casket or urn is used.

Dengel & Son is happy to participate in this program. It helps the environment and we know from experience families feel good about this program, it gives them a sense that their loved one’s memory lives on in a beautiful way. We estimate more than 5,000 of the request for trees planted have originated at Dengel & Son Mortuary. We really like the “tree program” but the main reason we offer Batesville caskets exclusively is because of the quality and beauty of their merchandise. In the past we have sold other lines of caskets and have learned from experience that Batesville is the very best. The quality shines through in all their caskets from inexpensive to the top of the line.


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