“For Everything There is a Season…”

Independence Day

This has been a tough year for everyone, and we probably will not celebrate the Fourth of July as usual because of the corona virus. But we will celebrate this important day because it is a celebration of freedom, patriotism, and the unassailable rights our founders fought a war to protect.

Only history will tell us if our government bodies, local, state, and federal, made the right decisions restricting our rights for what they thought was for the greater good. We are not used to having our rights taken away from us; the right to move freely, the right to earn a living and the right to go to church. It makes us appreciate our rights all the more.

The American Flag is very much a part of this holiday; it is a symbol of our freedom and it deserves our honor and respect. The vast majority of Americans want justice and opportunity for all. So take heart, the flag not only stands for freedom, it stands for hope.


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