“For Everything There is a Season…” More on the Virus

Today, we would like to address some questions about the coronavirus.  There is a misconception that cremation is the only choice when a death occurs during this crisis.  That is not true, it is a choice but not the only choice.

You can choose a traditional funeral service with the body present.  The only restriction is who and how many people attend.  Usually that means private services with only the family.  Families need a formal celebration of life at the time of death so that the mind has proof that death has occurred.  We need tangible evidence that one chapter is finished and another one has begun to begin the healing process.  An additional Celebration of Life for friends and neighbors is usually scheduled for a later date.

Next Sunday we will celebrate Easter, the day Christ brought us the promise of new life.  It is a good day to remind us to stay positive and have faith that this crisis will pass.


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