“For Everything There is a Season…” An Ice Breaker

Have you felt the need to talk with your aging parents about their finances and final wishes?  It is a hard subject to bring up.  Truth be known, your parents would probably like to bring up the subject with you.  We have something to help you break the ice.

We have a booklet called “How to Talk to Your Parents about Their Money and Final Wishes”.  It is an easy-to-read booklet that provides practical and proven tips on how to hold conversations about end-of-life issues.

Memorial Day will soon be here, and it is a reminder that this is a discussion you will have with your parents or your siblings sooner or later.  If you do it in advance of need, the parents and all the children should be included if possible.  Please give everyone a “heads up” so everyone has time to mull it over.  In our experience when talking to aging parents, they seem comfortable discussing the future and how they want it handled.


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