“For Everything There is a Season: Making a List Helps…”

There is something you can do for your family that won’t take much time and is relatively simple for you to do.  It would be difficult if your family had to do it without your help.  That “something” is making a list, naming the location of all your important papers.

The list should include the location of your will, insurance papers, discharge papers, funeral arrangements, business contracts, safety deposit box, income tax records, promissory notes, deeds, mortgages, stocks and bonds, birth and marriage certificates, bank accounts, etc.  And, if you have hidden away some cash for a rainy day, let someone you trust know where you hid it.  If not, it may be someone’s lucky day at the Goodwill.

No one can open your safe deposit box after your death unless someone besides yourself has been designated in advance.  It doesn’t help your family to know where your important documents are if they cannot access them.



“For Everything There is a Season: Can I Move It…”

A question we hear frequently is, “Can we move our funeral plan from another funeral home to Dengel & Son Mortuary?”  The answer is, “Of course you can, and it doesn’t matter if it is a pre-financed funeral plan or one that is not.”

Kansas lawmakers used common sense when they set up the regulations for moving funeral plans from one funeral home to another.  They recognized the fact that circumstances change, people marry, they move, or they just plain change their minds as to whom they want to handle their final arrangements.  They made sure funeral plans could be moved without a hassle.

Pre-funded plans can be moved without any penalty.  If you want to move your funeral plan to our funeral home, it is so simple, nothing to stress about.  Just come in and give us the details and we will handle everything for you.  We promise you will not regret your decision to choose Dengel & Son Mortuary.


“For Everything There is a Season: Advance Planning…”

Families find comfort in knowing that the funeral will reflect a loved one’s wishes.  Peace of mind is among the biggest reasons people are choosing to make advance funeral arrangements.  Most parents want to make things easier for their children.  The same goes for husbands and wives.

A funeral is a celebration of a life and families want the final celebration to be very special and that takes planning.  If planning is done in advance, there is more time to contemplate the personal touches one may want to incorporate into the funeral such as favorite music, hobbies, life’s accomplishments and especially family connections.

We can help you pre-plan a funeral service or you can write your preferences down.  In either case, letting your family know your wishes helps eliminate any family disagreements.  You might even include your family in the preplanning so you can consider what would be meaningful to them.


“For Everything There is a Season: Knowledge…”

A new experience can sometimes be unsettling and fill you with apprehension.  If that new experience involves making “at need” funeral arrangements, the apprehension can be magnified because not only are you dealing with a new experience, you are dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one.  It is always better to be prepared.  Of course, funeral pre-arrangements would make a big difference but in real life we sometimes have to deal with a situation that is what it is.

At some point in your life you will probably be involved in making funeral arrangements.  Knowing exactly what to expect and being familiar with the surroundings and procedures can significantly allay apprehension.

You are always welcome to tour our funeral home.  We will be glad to answer your questions and explain everything that is involved in making funeral arrangements.  Let us know when a tour would be convenient for you.


“For Everything There is a Season: Changing Attitudes…”

Attitudes have changed.  People have always been concerned about what would happen to their families when they die but now, they are doing something about it.

More families are considering pre-planning and putting aside money for final expenses.  Bookstores are filled with books telling you how to pass your estate on to your heirs and having a “living trust” is as common as having a will.  It is part of a new attitude people have about facing the inevitable and taking care of things while they are healthy and of sound mind.  Just as buying life insurance does not hasten death neither does making funeral pre-arrangements.

Many people think it is a good idea to make funeral pre-arrangements but just don’t get around to doing it.  When they finally do make the arrangements, they feel a sense of relief.  Their family will be grateful and relieved too.  You have taken a burden off their shoulders.


“For Everything There is a Season: Changing Customs, Part 4…”

In the previous columns we have talked about changing customs but because of our experiences, there is one custom that is thousands of years old we would like to see continued.  That is the custom of having the body present at services.

We see first-hand the therapeutic value in the healing process.  Of course, we would never try to influence families while making funeral arrangements.  We are here to do their bidding.  But in this column, we feel we should share what we know to be true—the mind needs proof that death has occurred.

For those of you who choose to have the body present we want that to be a good experience.  We have dedicated ourselves to presenting the very best image possible of your loved one.  Our embalmers will work tirelessly to get the results they want to achieve.  Having the desire to do the best job is necessary but it won’t happen without the skill.  Our embalmers have both.


“For Everything There is a Season: Changing Customs, Part 3…”

Cremation is becoming more common.  We also changed with the times.  We installed a state-of-the-art crematory some years ago.  We understand the trend.  For some it is just a personal preference.  For others, it cost less than a traditional burial and without the body present there is not the urgency to schedule services.

For those of you who feel cremation is the right choice but recognize the therapeutic value of having a traditional funeral with the body present, we can accommodate both your wishes.  You can do both because we offer rental caskets (the interior is replaced in the casket after each rental).  We also have wooden caskets that are specifically made to be burned along with the remains.

Grief counselors have always emphasized how important it is for survivors to view the body so that the healing process can begin.  They have not changed their position; they still believe this to be true.