“For Everything There is a Season…” The Virus and Innovation

The coronavirus has forced most of us to look at things differently, to throw out old habits and change our way of doing things.  It certainly has us asking ourselves how we can be innovative and help our families celebrate a life and at the same time help the survivors accept that death has occurred.

Many families are choosing graveside services now and planning a regular funeral at a later date when family, friends and neighbors can attend.  To make that funeral seem more normal and if the family wishes, we will place a casket in the usual location.  Yes, we all know the body will not be present because the body has already been buried but visual effects are important.  Just as a church service feels more real when held in a church rather than a bare room, this visual effect will make the funeral held at a later date seem more real.

Innovation is called for in times like these and we are up to the challenge.


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