“For Everything There is a Season…”

Burial Receptacles

Today, most cemeteries require the use of a vault or grave liner.  This is to ensure the burial receptacle will support the weight of the earth.  This prevents unsightly sunken graves that used to be the earmark of most cemeteries.

The grave liner is a two-piece concrete or metal box that satisfies the receptacle requirement of cemeteries.  If greater protection is preferred, the family may choose a vault.  There are two different types of vaults, concrete or steel, either is a good choice.  The concrete vault is sealed by a different method than the steel vault but both methods are very effective and protect the contents from outside elements.  The steel vaults come in gauges, 8, 10, and 12. You have a choice of different steel and concrete vaults and boxes from which to choose.  We offer quality Wilbert concrete vaults and Clark steel vaults that are nationally known as leaders in the industry


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