“For Everything There is a Season…” More Questions & Answers

QUESTION:  What are the advantages of planning for a funeral in advance of need?

ANSWER:  We can see a huge difference in families who are starting from scratch making funeral arrangements when a death occurs and those families where the funeral has been pre-planned.  One family is stressed with gathering information and hurried decisions.  The other family has time to grieve and to console each other.

QUESTION:  If I fund my funeral in advance, can I change my mind on the choices I have made?

ANSWER:  Yes, anytime you want.  You can change your selections as many times as you wish.  Keep in mind, when you make changes in the plan, the cost could go up or down, depending upon the changes you make.  Circumstances change and you can even change funeral homes if you wish.  You can change to our funeral home from another funeral home or from our funeral home to another, either way we will help you do it.


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