“For Everything There is a Season…” Why So Many Questions?

Making funeral arrangements at the time of death is a trying experience for anyone.  Much of the time making funeral arrangements is spent answering questions.  Facts for the death certificate are needed, important dates as well as personal history.  The information needs to be accurate.  At a time like this it is hard to recall the needed information.

If you do not want to make formal funeral arrangements but do want to make it easier for your family when the time comes, it would be helpful if you would write a brief history of yourself.  Describe your childhood, your family life, your work, memberships and achievements.  Include the date of your birth and date of your marriage.  Were you a veteran?  The list goes on.

If it would help, stop by one of our funeral homes and we will give you a form with all the pertinent questions.  Be sure to give each family member a copy of the information.


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