“For Everything There is a Season…” Cremation

Traditionally, earth burial is the most common mode of final disposition of the body.  Cremation is an alternate method that is becoming more common.

Choosing cremation does not mean the family must forgo the traditional funeral service.  Even though cremation is being chosen more often, it hasn’t changed the fact that humans still have the need for tangible evidence that death has occurred so that the healing process can begin.  The funeral service with the body present does this.  If you choose cremation and feel a funeral with the body present would benefit your family, we offer the option of choosing a rental casket or a cremation casket so that a funeral service with the body present can be held.

We own and operate our own “state of the art” crematory which means your loved one will never leave our care.  Because of that you can be assured the remains will be treated with dignity and respect.

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Our family proudly serving your family


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