“For Everything There is a Season…” Planning a Funeral Service

The funeral service is a celebration of the life of a loved one.  Because each person is different, each funeral service is different.  We encourage families to add personal touches to the services that will bring to life the story of a person they loved.  

A display of items of a favorite pastime or hobby tells a lot about a person.  Pictures are always a good way of telling a life’s story.  Special music can touch one’s heart.  We will provide a nice place for memorabilia and a frame to display pictures.

You have a choice.  You may choose a traditional service that observes the customs of your locality or you may decide upon a totally non-conventional service or one that is somewhere in between.  What is important is to plan a service that is meaningful to the family and reflects the lifestyle and accomplishments of the deceased.  Our job is to assist you, offer advice and carry out your wishes.

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Our family proudly serving your family


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