“For Everything There is a Season: Showing Respect…”

It has been the custom in our part of the country to pull off to the side of the highway and stop when we see an oncoming funeral procession.  It is the way we were taught to show respect for the dead and the grieving family and friends.

In the last few years, this practice has become rather dangerous.  There are some drivers who are in too much of a hurry. They become impatient and try to maneuver their cars between the cars that have pulled over in respect of the oncoming funeral procession.  It’s very disrespectful.

I am going to take it upon myself to recommend to you that unless you can safely pull all the way off the highway onto the shoulder, that you simply reduce your speed to show your respect.  I know this will make some of you uncomfortable, but I think the family and friends would absolutely understand.  They certainly wouldn’t want your intentions to show respect to result in an accident.



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