“For Everything There is a Season: Getting to Know Us…”

Our “Getting to Know Us” series would not be complete without a report on my parents, Walt and Clarice Dengel.  Four years ago, they moved back home after spending 15 winters in Florida.

Dad isn’t working full-time, but close to it.  He doesn’t work in the office anymore but is here for every funeral and is in charge of visitations.  It gives him the chance to be among old friends and acquaintances and the opportunity to meet new people.  He likes to reminisce with families about their loved ones and it makes him feel good to help facilitate a celebration of life that will help families remember the good times.  He helps in so many other ways; I don’t know how we managed without him.

As for my Mom, she keeps her hand in too.  She makes sure the funeral home looks good and up-to-date.  Last year we re-decorated and she was in charge.  This year she is updating our funeral home in Osawatomie.


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